Commercially Publish your Online Text or Academic Website

   Great sites and great marketing still don't do it all. Subscriptions to your online text have to be easy to buy too. We make it very easy for faculty, schools, or libraries to adopt your text by offering the following solutions:

Online Credit Card sales enable the adopting professor to simply list your text's URL on the syllabus and students take it from there.

Campus Bookstores can carry subscription packets for your website at the request of the adopting professor. They order from us by ISBN, just as they would for any text. Many professors prefer this approach since students don't need credit cards and can pick up their subscriptions when they buy their other texts.

Group Rate Sales are favorites of distance learning courses and High Schools for those websites appropriate for High School AP courses. Educational institutions can purchase a block of subscriptions at a reduced rate and distribute them to enrolling students.

Site Licenses are purchased by libraries and schools who want your text accessible on all campus, laboratory, or library computers without students having to remember passwords for access.

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